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A Customized Plan

Amplify Legal Inc. creates business development strategies for law firms and legal practices looking to achieve sustainable long term growth and emerge as solution leaders. We help to identify the strategy that is truly responsive to market demands and we help to implement the processes and procedures necessary to fully execute on that strategy.

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How We Are Different

Amplify Legal Inc. conducts business development with a client-focused mindset.  We believe that great business development is achieved by advancing your law firm internally in response to your clients needs, and then taking those innovations to market.  Rather than focusing on salesmanship, our approach actually advances the practices we serve and enables to them attract clients by actually being the best.

How We Do It

Training & Coaching

Amplify Legal Inc. creates and executes business development plans tailored to the desired industry, legal practice area and client profile. We teach attorneys and business development professionals how to identify the needs of customers and connect with clients. We help lawyers find their unique niche and develop a client communication style that is both effective and true to their personality.

CRM Implementation

Amplify Legal Inc. implements and improves Customer Relationship Management programs and other software tools. We train legal teams how to use tools to maximize results and potential. We help managers institute reporting tools and tactics that will support and encourage business development activities quickly and efficiently.

Communications & PR

Amplify Legal Inc. helps you build relationships with your clients through strategic communications. We use our innovative approach to build your image in your sphere of influence. This is done through media relations, event promotion, crisis management and internal and external corporate communications.

Recent Wins!

Through the implementation of advanced tools, technical training and client focused business development strategies, our statewide law firm client has achieved 33% growth in the first 18 months working with Amplify Legal Inc..

After creating and promoting an unprecedented client-focused business model, our legal services client received requests for services from more than 20 Fortune 500 companies.