A Customized Plan

Amplify Legal Inc. creates Human Resources policies and procedures for fast growth enterprises to ensure that talent acquisition, enterprise culture, employee on-boarding, and employee management processes all help to achieve the fast growth goals of the enterprise.  We ensure these processes maintain ongoing legal compliance to minimize the risk of the enterprise and we apply our legal experience to identify and neutralize high risk situations.

How We Are Different

Amplify Legal Inc. creates and upgrades Human Resources policies and procedures with a growth mindset.  We stay abreast of ever-changing regulatory landscape to ensure our clients have the Human Resources foundation in place ahead of time to accommodate their rapid growth.  We understand that with rapid change, comes ever changing compliance requirements.  We take action to stay ahead of changing requirements, both those created by the growth of the enterprise and those created by an ever-changing legal landscape.

How We Do It

Training & Coaching

Amplify Legal Inc. conducts HR training programs, team collaboration coaching, and individual professional counseling to promote fast growth enterprise success.  When business is changing rapidly, a proactive approach to helping individuals adjust to change is critical to fast growth.  Rapid enterprise changes also create new legal duties and new compliance standards.  Amplify Legal works with the team to ensure these changes move rapidly to ensure the successful fast growth of the enterprise.

HR Legal Compliance

Working closely with our attorney partners,  Amplify Legal Inc. helps to ensure legal compliance for rapidly grouting enterprises in rapidly changing regulatory environments.  We are abreast of critical changes ahead for enterprises and how to implement air tight processes and procedures that will ensure compliance and minimize risk.  We are also highly experienced negotiators and talented conflict resolution advocates.  We are accustomed to high stakes situations and experienced in achieve resolution quickly so that growth continues.

Recent Wins!

While working with Amplify Legal, Inc. a statewide law firm successfully doubled revenue and expanded into two new geographic regions.

While working with a startup marketing company to achieve rapid growth in both employee and new client on boarding,achieved 250% growth in less than one year, growing total company clients from 40 to over 100.