Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Software Solutions

Finding and implementing the right tools streamlines your growth processes so that your people can perform at their highest potential while your enterprise maintains compliance.

     Key Contact

Kathleen Marsocci

Digital Media & Technology Consultant

The Right Tools For You

Amplify Legal Inc. can help you consolidate your existing software decks and/or help you identify new solutions that better fit your upcoming expansions.  We have experience implementing new systems, integrating existing systems, and upgrading systems to prepare enterprises for rapid growth.

How We Are Different

By bringing both the technical and the compliance perspectives to our software tools projects, we are able to carefully consider the interplay between the technical abilities of a tool, the compliance created by the tool, and the usability of the tool for end users.  This interdisciplinary approach is critical to the ultimate success of your technical investment.

How We Do It

Software Implementations, Integrations and Upgrades

Amplify Legal Inc. identifies and implements software systems to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and legal compliance of your team.

Employment Branding

Fast Growth enterprises have carefully considered and clearly articulated Employment Brands that are distinct from other marketing messages.  Amplify Legal Inc. helps growing enterprises to express their employment brand across digital media platforms to improve culture and attract a steady flow of top talent.


Deserve Fast Growth HR Tools

The success of a fast growth enterprise is largely dependent on the ability of people and processes to change quickly.  Amplify Legal Inc. identifies the HR tools that support rapid change and grow with the company.