Growing Practices One at a Time

Amplify Legal Inc. can provide marketing strategy, train your existing team, or perform marketing services on a done for you basis.

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Kathleen Marsocci

Legal Marketing & Technology Consultant

The Right Tools For You

Amplify Legal Inc. identifies the marketing tools and techniques that are ideal to reach your highly targeted market in the most efficient and effective manner. We create processes for the capture and utilization of critical data that will keep marketing activities in line with your firm’s goals.  We build marketing technology stacks that are responsive to the needs of your individual firm, and work with your existing team to amplify their skills and professional potential.

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How We Are Different

Our integrated approached to services and marketing gives our clients a highly unique edge. Our process first identifies the unmet needs of your market. Then, we help our client solve those problems and deliver unprecedented solutions that respond directly to concrete market needs. And finally, we deliver that solution message directly back to market that requested it. Our closed loop approach creates offerings that sell themselves.

How We Do It


Amplify Legal Inc. identifies and implements opportunities for integrations to increase efficiency between existing systems. These integrations increase the team’s ability to use their time for maximum production and help ensure the validity and capture of information.

Internet Marketing

Amplify Legal Inc. maximizes the client generating power of your website and overall internet presence. We apply our unique integrated approach to ensure that your business responds to your clients both in services and online by reaching clients in their preferred channels and by directly providing the information they need.

Social Media

Our industry experts are an intimate part of their specialized markets. They know whether and how your customers and clients use various social media options, and how to reach them through those channels. We rely on industry experts, both ours and yours, to create an appropriate and effective plans and processes for effective social outreach.


Deserves Original Marketing

Our industry experts have first hand knowledge of the industries we serve. We apply our insider experience to craft highly responsive messaging and identify ideal channels of delivery. We stay abreast of the most recent advances and new technologies available so that we can select the very best tools and methods of communication for our clients.

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